• HP 3D Printer Jet Fusion 4200

    The world of the HP Multi Jet Fusion Printer 3D printing technology with precision

3D Printing with Multi Jet Fusion

Whether for tests, prototyping, or small series - we produce your 3D models quickly, reliably, and with high quality as well as favorable and transparent conditions. We use our software 4D_Additive and the latest HP Multijet Fusion machines. By fusing the material layers over the entire surface, the Multijet Fusion process produces pressure-tight and highly resilient components with isotropic strength properties and homogeneous surface quality.

The components can be covered with different surface structures, such as leather, carbon, grains, etc. More than 5000 structures are available in the database. These can be used immediately without extensive reworking and are very suitable for surface finishing and painting. The maximum tolerance of 0.2% allows a good dimensional accuracy for small details so that threads up to a size of M5 can be printed.

Our service is ideal for prototyping or the flexible small-batch production of technically high-quality and precise plastic parts without costly, production-dominated component designs and tool designs with significantly lower unit costs and much faster than previous processes. By the way, you can send us your 3D models in all common CAD formats and you will receive an individual offer immediately.

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