• HP 3D Printer Jet Fusion 4200

    3D scans in highest detail accuracy and resolution Digitalization & Measurement

Reverse engineering and component optimization

With the help of our high-resolution 3D scanner and special CAD software tools, we create 3D CAD models from real existing components, which are later used for 3D printing, e.g. of classic car spare parts. As a basis for the reconstruction, existing components are used which are first digitized. Depending on the application, these are either used directly as STL geometry after correction or transferred into fully functional CAD models through reverse engineering and parameterized design. From the 3D models generated in this way, any number of spare parts can be reproduced at any time.

With our software tools, we perform an analysis of the components before 3D printing. Thus, bore diameters and wall thicknesses that are too small are reliably displayed and can be specifically adapted by direct modeling functions. On request, we carry out a constructive analysis and optimization of components especially for 3D printing and develop the ideal solution in close cooperation.

3D scanner for quality control

Our optical 3D coordinate measuring machines enable 360° measurement of complex shapes and large objects at the click of a mouse. After the scan, form and position tolerances, CAD adjustments and profile measurements can be made. The tolerance information is taken from the original CAD data by our software tools. On request, we can supply a measurement report for each printed component as well as a 3D-PDF file with the geometric model comparison for validation of the form accuracy. In general, we carry out quality control of the CAD models based on the exact B-Rep geometry according to VDA 4955/2 before printing to eliminate errors right from the start.

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