• HP 3D Printer Jet Fusion 4200

    3D Texturing The fascination of the textures

Textures revolutionize design

With the innovative texture module, with which you can access over 5,000 different surface structures. With 4D_Additive it is very easy for the user to define textures on the CAD model. Select the desired B-Rep areas and select the desired texture from the database, done. Then the size, resolution, position, and height of the structure can be visually adjusted, whereby a rendered, i.e. photo-realistic representation of the model makes the work easier. The software automatically ensures the distortion-free projection of the grain across surface boundaries. The precise graphics display enables the designed geometry to be assessed in real-time and fires the creative process when designing new parts. The selection and editing of textures on your 3D models are included in our 3D printing service.




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