LC Magna

The LC Magna offers a large build volume 510mm x 280mm x 350mm as well as high printing accuracy. This makes the LC Magna ideal for mass production. The LC Magna is currently the largest LCD screen SLA printer available on the market. It features a 4K Ultra HD screen with 50 micron accuracy for optimal resolution. The print speed of 13.3 mm per hour!

The LC Magna 3D printer speeds up product design and allows you to go from prototyping to production in a matter of hours. The Photocentric LC Magna builds on the success of the original 3D printer. It delivers fast, high-precision prints suitable for a wide range of industries and applications.

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LC Opus

The LC Opus is fast, accurate and delivers reliable and repeatable print results. The monochrome screen is supplied pre-calibrated and realises repeatable curing with uniform light distribution. The LC Opus has extremely quiet fans with efficient cooling and can operate at high temperatures for long periods of time.

The innovative, robust aluminium construction and high-quality lacquering ensure durability. Photocentric's patented Vat-Lift release technology ensures reliability even with large-area printing.

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