Daylight 3D printing materials

The material for series production and highest resolution

Our innovative range of Daylight 3D printing materials enables economical and large-scale production at competitive costs. Parts printed with our Daylight 3D printing materials meet the many different requirements of customers with demanding 3D printing applications, such as prototyping, mechanical engineering, dental and automotive industries.

Our innovative range of Daylight resins has been specifically developed for use on our unique LC Magna printer. They offer a comprehensive range of end properties while enabling high-volume printing and high-resolution capabilities.

We have also partnered with Forward AM, the BASF 3D Printing Solutions brand, to develop a range of EPD (Engineering Plastic Daylight) materials that enable a wide range of versatile 3D applications at competitive costs.

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UV 3D printing materials

One UV resin for numerous applications and machines

UV resins are used in LCD, SLA and DLP 3D printers. The photosensitive materials are cured by laser or light to form a solid part. With a variety of different properties and colors, there is a UV resin suitable for many industrial applications.

With the extensive knowledge of our in-house team of chemists and our experience building our own 3D printers, we know what it takes to make the best resins. Our range of UV resins can be used on other leading 3D printers such as Asiga, Envisiontec, Flashforge, Formlabs, Peopoly, SprintRay and more.

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