• 4D_Additive

    Additive Manufacturing Software Tool CAD data optimization using intelligent B-Rep geometry

Preparation of CAD Models

With 4D_Additive, CAD data of all major 3D formats can be processed for 3D printing within the shortest timeframe and with optimum printing results.

4D_Additive has mature interfaces for CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, JT, STL, STEP, XT, Acis and many more. B-Rep Healing and direct modeling functions ensure a seamless process as well as optimal data quality of the converted models and for 3D printing optimized models. Models can be saved in amf, 3mf and STL format for all machine Types and manufacturing methods. The proven healing functions for CAD models automatically fill gaps and correct overlapping elements, twisted faces, and other geometry errors. In interactive mode, filter functions allow you to locate the geometry errors and fix them in seconds with the help of the clean-up functions.

The sophisticated checking, healing and repair features ensure that high-quality, "waterproof" mesh models are sent to the printer.

3D Analysis

By means of user defined slicing parameters, the roughness for all areas of the part can be predicted and is visualized by an additional colour scale. Then the part can be aligned manually or even automatically by the system so that selected areas will have the best possible surface quality. Measuring functions and wall thickness and backlash checks can be used to analyze the areas critical to certain manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the collision and internal gap test enable the detection of problem areas and small details. In addition, surfaces, volumes and installation spaces are calculated. All functions can be used to generate meaningful reports quickly and easily. The CAD geometry is analyzed with special test profiles regarding the different rapid manufacturing processes. All analysis can be summarized in freely definable test reports and executed in automatic batch mode even for a large number of models, so that automatically whole data stocks can be pre-sorted for certain additive processes.

Geometry optimization

Within 4D_Additive CAD models can be modified as an intelligent B-Rep geometry through robust "direct modeling" functions, which has clear advantages over a process based on tessellated models. Optimization can be achieved by de-featuring and modifying critical areas of the geometry, as well as merging small surfaces which results in an efficient reduction of complexity. The modern, easy to use and clearly structured graphical user interface of the software allows the easy generation of offset surfaces and unique scaling functions allow the models to be scaled differently along the three major axes to compensate for shrinkage or distortion.

Metal Printing

Support structures for manufacturing as well as lattice geometry for lightweight construction and material savings can be created easily with new functions, especially for metal printing processes. The Direct Modeling functions ensure maximum freedom when editing the models. For the lattice structures, different shapes can be chosen - for example honeycomb, octet or centerpoint shaped structures.

Envelope geometry

Within seconds, the Simplifier function automatically generates an exact envelope geometry of the 3D models. For this purpose, by hollowing out the models, our unique Simplifier function removes the inner geometry of CAD data at the push of a button. For maximum data reduction, the optional shrink tube function generates an exact envelope contour, which, for example, maps entire vehicles or machines in one volume. The waterproof volume geometry generated in this way can be saved as a tessellated and watertight envelope in STL, 3mf or amf format.


The data of all common machine types e.g. building space as well as the available materials are saved in the user definable database of 4D Additive. Intelligent nesting functions ensure a fast, easy arrangement of parts and optimal packing density of the effective building volume. Here, the user can either specify a minimum number of parts and a minimum distance or choose an option so that the maximum quantity of a part in a given orientation will be calculated. At a push of a button the building volume will be automatically filled, so that an optimized number of components can be arranged on the platform.

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