Surface finishing for additive manufacturing: New textures library according to VDI 3400

Our revised texture module in the latest version of CoreTechnologie's 3D printing software 4D_Additive now includes a specially developed texture library for surface finishing that is based on the VDI 3400 guideline.

3D Printing Software Certified for HP Jet Fusion 52xx Printers

The most recent version of CoreTechnologie's groundbreaking 3D printing software, 4D_Additive 1.5, has achieved the certification for a seamless integration with the latest generation of HP 52xx printers.

New Software Version: Loss-free Conversion of 3D/CAD Data

The CAD converter 3D_Evolution has been updated for the seamless integration of 3D/CAD systems, for loss-free data conversion and downstream applications.

Customised Production with Individual 3D Printed Structures

4D_Additive got an Update with a new lattice structure module. The new functions are used to create individualised structures that enable a customised production of lightweight mechanical components and consumer goods.

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