New Software Version: Loss-free Conversion of 3D/CAD Data

The CAD converter 3D_Evolution has been updated for the seamless integration of 3D/CAD systems, for loss-free data conversion and downstream applications.

Customised Production with Individual 3D Printed Structures

4D_Additive got an Update with a new lattice structure module. The new functions are used to create individualised structures that enable a customised production of lightweight mechanical components and consumer goods.

Trade Fair Novelty: Universal 3D Printing Software

At Formnext 2023, the new 4D_Additive software will be presented, this has new functions and system optimisations as well as new direct connections to 3D printers based on standard formats.

New 3D Simplification Function for Complex Parts

The new version of the 3D data conversion and data simplification software 3D_Evolution 4.7 has new filter functions for the targeted simplification of complex bodies in large assemblies.

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