Innovative Software for Additive Manufacturing

The 3D printing software 4D_Additive is the one-stop shop for 3D printing and the state-of-the-art bridge between CAD and 3D printing.

Even faster and more precise: 4D_Additive software with new nesting functions

The renowned 4D_Additive software is equipped with many new and optimised features in the new version 1.4 SP0.

Repair of stl and scan data at the push of a button

The new function of 4D_Additive called "Marching Cube" repairs and simplifies 3D scan data and STL files into closed volumes, within shortes space of time.

3D printing reimagined: Lightweight structures iteratively created and optimized

In the 4D_Additive software version is a Nastran interface and allows to quickly create diverse grid structures and validate them with simulation tools.

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