Automatic component labeling

New version of the 3D printing software 4D_Additive 1.2 includes a function for the automatic labeling of 3D printed parts.

Independent and capable of Action in the Crisis: Self-sufficient Supply Chains through Additive Manufacturing

To remain independent and capable of acting in crises now and in the future, 3D printing is the ideal solution for flexible manufacturing. In this context, our software tools help with the digital transformation of manufacturing.

Software with New Texture Module Revolutionizes Component Design

The innovative 4D_Additive Manufacturing Software Suite sets new standards in additive manufacturing. A special highlight of the new software is the innovative texture module.

Innovative Batchnesting Tool allows Automatic 3D Printing

The latest version of 4D_Additive includes a new Batchnesting Tool. Here, the CAD models stored in the system's database are ordered as in a webshop and automatically sent to the printer.

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