Photocentric LCD-Technology

By applying LCD screen technology to 3D printing for the first time, Photocentric has successfully bridged the gap between prototyping and injection molding for customers across all industries.

Whether it's testing new products, quickly starting production while waiting for tooling, producing small quantities, getting to market quickly, or delivering custom products, Photocentric technology is able to meet customer needs perfectly.

Photocentric chemists have developed a variety of high-quality and flexible resin materials to meet the needs of different industries and 3D printers. Photocentric resins are also compatible with other 3D printers such as Asiga, Envisiontec, Flashforge, Formlabs, Peopoly, and SprintRay.

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3D-Printing Service

With our personal 3D printing service within seconds to the best price and fastest delivery.

Use our 3D printing service: Simply send us your 3D file, discuss material and additional options, e.g. texture patterns, and receive a quote.

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The price of the 3D model is calculated based on the following factors:

• The amount of material required.

• The machine running time required.

• Working time for post-processing.

• The material you have chosen.

• The capacity utilisation and desired delivery time.


We support all common CAD formats.


Revolutionary surface designs at the touch of a button.

Choose from over 5,000 different surface textures. With our 4D_Additive software, defining textures on your CAD model is as easy as can be. Select the desired B-Rep surfaces and choose the desired texture from the database, done. After that, the size, resolution, position and height of the texture can be adjusted visually. A rendered, i.e. photorealistic representation of the model makes the work easier. The software automatically ensures distortion-free projection of the grain across surface boundaries. The precise graphical representation allows real-time assessment of the designed geometry and fuels the creative process when designing new parts.

Textures Gallery

Reverse engineering and component optimization

Reconstruction and detail accuracy

We guarantee the highest quality by using our optical 3D coordinate measuring machine, which can capture complex shapes and large measurement objects at the click of a mouse. We can also realize the reproduction of already existing parts, such as spare parts, with our high-resolution 3D scanner.

Existing components that are first digitized serve as the basis for the reconstruction. Depending on the application, these are used directly as STL geometry after correction or converted into fully functional CAD models through reverse engineering and parameterized design. The 3D models generated in this way can be used to remanufacture any number of spare parts at any time.

For post-treatment of the 3D printed parts, we offer a wide variety of surface finishing processes such as glass bead blasting, coloring, professional painting as well as water transfer printing.



Water transfer printing

The ultimate finishing for your surfaces or surface structure with water transfer printing components are fully covered with high-value decorations such as carbon, aluminum or burl wood look. This works with all three-dimensional shapes and almost all materials such as plastic, metal, ceramics, leather or glass can be coated.

Here are almost countless possibilities in the restoration and customization of various parts. Whether you want to give accessories, your two-wheeler or even parts of your vehicle a new look, here too we are happy to be your competent partner.

Water transfer printing Gallery

Software for Additive Manufacturing

4D_Additive - Innovative 3D Printing Software

With 4D_Additive, CAD data of all common formats can be imported and optimized for 3D printing processes by means of the advanced B-Rep functions. After this the optimized data can be sent to the printer directly. Automatic analysis and repair functions ensure watertight models and perfect printing quality.Especially for metal printing processes, semi-automatic support structures can be generated in 4D_Additive support structures. For lightweight construction and material savings, lattice geometries can be created very easily.

In the 4D_Additive database, machine types are stored with their build space and prcess properties ans materials. Intelligent nesting functions ensure fast and optimized filling of the installation space while the collision analysis ensures that parts do not intersect each other.


3D_Evolution Partfinder - Searchengine for 3D Printing

Batch processing for analysis functions such as wall thickness checking and undercut analysis, as well as general part properties and attributes automatically assess and categorize CAD models suitable for 3D Printing.

Thus, large volumes of data can be analyzed and categorized automatically with the help of special test profiles, with regard to the various 3D printing processes.

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