"Our mission is the optimization of additive manufacturing processes with innovative hardware and software as well as competent consulting and 3D Printing services."

HP 3D Printer

HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200/4200/4210 - 3D printing for mass production

The revolution of additive manufacturing. Start with the flexible small series production of technically high-quality and precise plastic parts without complex, production-dominated part designs and tool constructions - with significant costs reduction and faster than all previous methods.

The new, unique HP 3D printing process enables a full-surface fusion of the material layers and produces pressure-tight, highly stressable components with isotropic strength properties as well as a homogeneous surfaces that can be immediately used in industrial products without a time-consuming reworking of the parts.

The HP Multi Jet process is equally ideal for the fast production of high-quality prototypes and for production environments where each machine can produce 700-2000 parts per week.


HP 3D Color Jet Fusion 500/300 Series - Prototyping in color

Print fully functional parts in color, black or white. Produce thermoplastic parts with high detailing, optimum surface finish and outstanding mechanical properties.

The economical 500/300 series HP 3D printers are designed for small and medium sized product development teams, design companies, and universities.

HP 3200/4200/4210 Serie   HP Colour 500/300 Serie



Software for Additive Manufacturing

4D_Additive - Innovative 3D Printing Software

With 4D_Additive, CAD data of all common formats can be imported and optimized for 3D printing processes by means of the advanced B-Rep functions. After this the optimized data can be sent to the printer directly. Automatic analysis and repair functions ensure watertight models and perfect printing quality.Especially for metal printing processes, semi-automatic support structures can be generated in 4D_Additive support structures. For lightweight construction and material savings, lattice geometries can be created very easily.

In the 4D_Additive database, machine types are stored with their build space and prcess properties ans materials. Intelligent nesting functions ensure fast and optimized filling of the installation space while the collision analysis ensures that parts do not intersect each other.


3D_Evolution Partfinder - Searchengine for 3D Printing

Batch processing for analysis functions such as wall thickness checking and undercut analysis, as well as general part properties and attributes automatically assess and categorize CAD models suitable for 3D Printing.

Thus, large volumes of data can be analyzed and categorized automatically with the help of special test profiles, with regard to the various 3D printing processes.

4D_Additive      Partfinder    


3D Printing Services

3D Fabrik - Additive Manufacturing Service

Whether for tests, prototyping or small series - we manufacture your 3D models quickly, reliably and with high quality and on favorable and transparent conditions. We use our software 4D_Additive to prepare the models and HP Jet Fusion Printers for production. Our parts impress with isotropic properties, high density and strength as well as optimum surface quality


Consulting - Make the future happen, now!

Our employees have 15 years of experience in 3D printing. We provide an overview of various methods and applications as well as a realistic assessment of the use of Additive Manufacturing for your business. We provide hands on trainings for CAD data editing software and live benchmarking with your own models on state-of-the-art HP Jet Fusion 3D printers.

We also provide a realistic insight into the calculation of the real unit costs and the potential of Additive manufacturing for design and production of complex products.

3D Factory     Consulting


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